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Microchip Clinic

Next Clinic Date: To Be Announced

Location: That Fish Place-That Pet Place 237 Centerville Road Lancaster, PA 17603

Cost: $25 per pet (Includes a lifetime registration)

Dogs should be leashed and cats in carriers.

What is a microchip and why is it so important for my pet to have one?
Statistics tend to vary from organization to organization but one thing is certain, millions of pets get lost every year. Without proper identification as many as half of them will not make it back home. Collars and tags can come off or be taken off. A microchip provides permanent identification for the pet and greatly enhances the likelihood of returning to their families.

A microchip is an integrated transponder encapsulated in bio-glass. The chip is inserted with a needle under the skin between the shoulder blades. The bio-glass helps to prevent tissue irritation and migration of the chip. Each chip is encoded with a unique identification number. A scanner activates the chip and the number is displayed on its screen. The registry can then be checked and the owner contacted.

Please make sure you register your pet’s chip! If the chip isn’t registered the owner can’t be found. It isn’t uncommon for owners to forget so we take care of it for you. Whether you adopt a pet from us or have your pet chipped at one of our Microchip Clinics we will take care of the registration process. In addition, all Avid chips we purchase are also registered with our rescue information.

We use Avid Microchips and their PETrac Recovery System, the world’s largest and longest operating pet recovery service. Click Here for more information and a video showing how a chip is implanted.

Although uncommon, microchips can fail or wear out over time. Ask your vet to scan your pets during their annual checkups to make sure their chips are operating correctly.